Our company, which operates in the field of Central Tire Inflating Systems, aims to provide high quality and continuous service to its valued customers. We offer effective and professional solutions for our customers' tire problems, team work spirit, and not to miss the target.


What is Central Tire Inflation? The Central Inflation System (CTIS) provides safe driving by adjusting the tire pressures of vehicles in all weather and terrain conditions, in case of offensive and counterattack. Every tire pressure is constantly checked. The driver informs the tires about the condition. Thanks to an external air source, it is ensured that the air descending tire is inflated to reach the ideal tire pressure.

Any kind of intermediate can be applied. There are advantages such as financial gain, time saving and comfort. The Structure of the Central Tire Inflating System; Each wheel has one wheel valve. In doubly-wheeled axles, the valve is usually located only on the outer rim, so that the pressure of the two rubbers can be balanced.

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